The film project „The Gruffalo“

The story of „The Gruffalo“ is a favourite story from the children. The girls and boys from the MSK3 and MSK4 made a film about the story. First they learned the text and then they made a film-session with their English-teacher.

It was not easy to film, because the children had to wear black, really black clothes, because the teacher wanted to work with the “blue box”.

The monster and the mouse are stars in the book, which was written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler.

The content is:
The mouse tells the snake, the owl and the fox about the monster, the Gruffalo. They all are frightened und run away.
But suddenly the Gruffalo appears. What is the mouse now doing?
Watch the film or read the book!

And in the meanwhile you can sing the song:
„He has terrible tusks and terrible claws,
and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.
He´s the Gruffalo,…“

Liedertext von; Buch: The Gruffalo; von Julia Donaldson, illustriert von Axel Scheffler, 1999;